Couple/Marital Communication

  • When you try to communicate do you end up arguing?
    • Are discussions about finances, parenting, sex, in-laws, or internet interfering with your relationship and happiness?

Let me help you create the relationship you really want.

My name is Jacqueline Ilana Bradford, Nationally Certified Counselor and Marriage, Couples, and Family Therapist. I specialize in helping couples create resilient and meaningful relationships.

Couples can learn:

  • To communicate where each person feels heard and understood
  • Develop/rebuild trust after an affair.
  • Learn how to deepen your relationship and build intimacy
  • Enjoy playing and relaxing together
  • Feel that your partner “gets you”
  • Develop shared goals and a fulfilling relationship

I have extensive training with Drs. John and Julie Gottman of the world renowned Gottman Institute.  Why Gottman therapy? Because I want to provide you with the most researched relationship therapy in the world. The Gottman Institute has over 43 years of research in working with couples and has discovered why some couples are masters of marriage while others are disasters. As we work together I will provide you with the tools that will empower you to be masters of your relationship.

Why choose a Marriage and Family Therapist for Couples Counseling?
Take a moment to watch the video below.

J.ilana Bradford, MA, LMFT intern, NCC

Oregon Board of Licensed Professional
Counselors & Therapists R3341

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