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Relationships are not always easy. Couples all struggle at one time or another.

It is time to feel better now.

You may feel no matter how much you try, your relationship is spiraling out of your control. You may feel that any moment the bottom will fall out or like you are walking on eggshells. Even the simplest discussions become arguments with no resolution in sight. Then you, or your partner withdraw, and each of you are left feeling lost, lonely and hopeless.

Let me help you.

There are better ways to communicate to reduce conflicts, repair your relationship after arguments,   regrettable incidents or an affair. You can learn how to increase trust, and improve intimacy.
Although we can’t change the past we can work toward a more positive and fulfilling future. I can offer you tools and support to improve your quality of relationship and life. Call me now: (971)403-0990.

I believe you deserve more love, joy, peace and ease in your life.

Develop a resilient and meaningful relationship.
Learn ways to communicate openly where each of you feels heard and understood.
Heal from betrayal and rebuild trust.

When you feel that your partner “gets you” your relationship will be strengthened and intimacy will develop naturally.

Feel free to call or email me for a free 30-minute consultation today.
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J. ilana Bradford

My name is Jacqueline Ilana Bradford (I prefer to be called Ilana) and I am a Marriage, Couples and Family Therapist, and I exclusively work with couples.  I am a wife of 41 years, a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. (I know I don’t look old enough). I have over 33 years combined experience as a practical nurse, early childhood educator, outreach counselor, and couples therapist. My clients often tell me, “I like that you bring life experience into the therapy room.”  My passion is to learn everything I can about successful relationships and apply that knowledge to helping couples build resilient and fulfilling relationships.

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